I am an aspiring Audio Developer from Oxford. Below is a collection of a few projects I have worked on recently. Take a look and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

About me!

Bournemouth and Oxford, UK.

Hello! My name is Ray, I'm a technical developer, specialising in Audio and Music. I'm interested in the latest innovations from the tech and audio industry, I consider myself a bit of a techie.
I make appearances at the Piano Bar at the New Theatre (Oxford), as well as open-mic nights around the Bournemouth area. Drop me an email if you require any services!

Twitter Social Feed

Below is a small feed from my twitter. You will find tweets linking to articles about the latest trends and innovations within the indurstry, and a few updates on my current projects

I am a member of Bournemouth University's Creative Technology department. Here are links to other member's portfolio.